Tuesday, August 22, 2006

An article to test the effectiveness of RSS Feeds and Search Engine Optimization

I've been writing technology articles as a way of promoting Inacom for about a year now. Called The Competitive Advantage, I pick a technology concept and explain how it can be used to make your business more They appear in the Chesapeake Business Ledger, which is distributed in Talbot, Ken, and Queen Anne counties to Chamber of Commerce members, and thousands of copies are distributed through area businesses. It's an opportunity to keep our name out in the business world to help build brand awareness. Next month, I'm to be picked up by the Chamber of Commerce publication for Kent and Sussex Counties in Delaware.

One of the projects that I've been working on is improving our Search Engine Visibility through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. One problem that I've noticed is that our site doesn't have a lot of links to it. This, in turn, shows a search engine that a given web site is of high quality which improves rankings.

I've been playing around with RSS feeds through this blog, and it's been neat to see how these posts draw readers and how the content gets around the Internet. I stumbled across Ezine Articles the other day, and noticed that they have a high traffic web site with lots of RSS feed distributions. To see what would happen, I submitted my article on Structured Cabling Standards for Commercial Buildings. A link to Inacom's web site will ensure that whever the site gets published will provide a link (and a search engine vote of approval) for my company web site. Today, my article was accepted on the web site for publication.

I'll check in to see how this gets distributed through the Internet, and let you know if anything interesting happens.

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