Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Salisbury Jaycees Fireworks

Joanne and I are working the salisbury jaycees fireworks. Right now there is a severe storm raining down on us. It should be ending soon.

UPDATE: The show went on, only a few minutes late. Not a lot of damage was done, although it appears our VIP tent took a little beating. The fireworks were awesome!



mbp1016 said...

Hey Travis
Sorry you both got stuck and could not make it back to your car during the storm...thanks for sticking it out with us. It was a great show and I appreciate your support.


Travis Fisher said...

Not a problem. Since the corner of the Civic Center entrance was dry and safe, I made out just fine. The car would have been small and stuffy!

If you have any good pics of the show, please forward them so that I can put them up. My camera phone doesn't take good pictures of fireworks. :-(

Drea said...

Glad the show went on :-)