Monday, May 22, 2006

A request to Senator McCain

When Joanne and I found The Politician, I did not realize that he had already been to DC. I thought it would make for a fun roadtrip to get pictures of him with all of those cool monuments.

Upon logging TP and realizing that it was time for him to return home, I emailed his owner to confirm that this is indeed what I should do with him. The owner asked me to hold onto him while he is given a new quest. One possible idea was to follow the Senator's future campaign for president.

On a whim, I emailed Senator McCain's office, and asked if I could secure a picture of the senator with The Politician. Below is my letter:


I am an avid geocacher ( for info) - it is a sport which involves hiding and finding caches using GPS coordinates. Geocaching often involves hiking and exploring the natural wonders of the US and the rest of the world. It's a great way to be active and enjoy our unspoiled natural areas in an environmentally responsible way.

During one find, I came across a "travel bug" which was started by a constituent of the Senator's in AZ. This travel bug (aka "The Politician" - see was sent on a mission to go to DC, secure pork barrel spending for his friends, and make its way back to the Senator's home state of AZ. It's a rather tongue in cheek protest of our nation's irresponsible spending habits.

Senator McCain's position is well documented in these matters. He votes to protect our environment and also for fiscal responsibility. As such, I believe that the Senator's position is aligned with the meaning of this travel bug and the thoughts of his constituent from Arizona.

Would it be possible to secure a picture of Senator McCain with "The Politician?" The picture would be posted on the web site as a diary of its travels. This would be a purely non-commercial use. Many travel bugs have traveled tens of thousands of miles across oceans and continents, but I do not believe that one has actually met a senator.

I can arrange to personally transport this travel bug to the Senator's office in DC with a few days notice, or send him via parcel post to one of his offices in AZ. By possessing The Politician, I am obligated to help him get back to AZ - so if it is requested that I release control of him I ask that your office would help him return home to Arizona by placing him in a geocache.

Thank you very much for your consideration in this matter. I imagine that this is one of the silliest requests that you will ever receive.


Travis Fisher
Salisbury, MD

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