Sunday, May 07, 2006

Geocaching at Tuckahoe State Park

Yesterday Joanne and I began our new hobby - geocaching. For those unfamiliar with the sport, it's a sort of modern day treasure hunting. There are caches placed all over earth, and you are given the coordinates of the goodies. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to use the information made available to you to find the cache. Inside the cache, which is usually tupperware or an ammo container, you'll find all sorts of trinkets and a log book. Trade a trinket, sign the log, and rehide the cache.

We went to Tuckahoe State Park in search of 4 caches that live there. Later in the day we were to help our friends Bach to the Future with their performance, so it was only expected that we might find two of them.

Our first hunt was for Tuckahoe Valley Trail Cache. We started at the beginning of the Tuckahoe Valley Trail near Cemetary Lane, and decided to take the Cliffside Trail to our destination. The hike started out with what I think was an Eastern Hog-nosed Snake, which scared Joanne. We went past some power lines and then along some very steep slopes that follow a creek.

We then arrived at an intersection of trails and began searching for the cache. Our hint told us to look for a large oak tree about 75 feet from the intersection. After about half an hour, I was able to find the cache. Inside were some trinkets (McDonald's Incredibles Toy, matchbox cars, etc) and a log book. I signed the book - we didn't take a trinket becase I left them in Joanne's car. I had to hide the cache quickly because there were some mountain bikers coming up to the area.

Next up was our search for Tour de Lamahoe, which was about 1/4 mile East on the Turkey Trail. We entered a floodplain and saw many trees that had been felled by beavers in an attempt to dam up the area. After searching for about an hour, we gave up on this one. While we were in the right area, we just couldn't find the stash.

Given the time constraints, we decided to make our way back to the car. Our return trip was via the Tuckahoe Valley Trail, which was an easy hike through the woods. We didn't try the other two geocaches, so there are still three in Tuckahoe that we need to find.

We had a great time experiencing the wilderness. Our overall hike for the day was about 3.5 miles. Next weekend we'll be in Salisbury, so we're going to search for Geocaches over there.

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Bob said...

Welcome to the addiction!