Saturday, May 13, 2006

Geocaching at Fairview Resource Management Area

Today Joanne and I went geocaching at FRMA. This is a hugantic preservation area with many trails for people and horses. The area is located in NorthEastern Maryland, near the intersection of MD, DE, and PA. There are about a dozen caches in this area, making it a hot spot for geocachers.

We started the day hitting an easy cache - Francancone. In it we found The Politician, a Travel Bug on a missing, TP is trying to get to Washington DC to secure some pork barrel spending for his buddies. Here is Joanne with TP - he was very pleasant and amiable.

Our intent was to start our FRMA hunting with the FairField MultiCache, but I forgot to put the coordinates in our GPS. :-( Instead we went for the Ruined Chicken MultiCache, which is 6 caches hidden across FRMA.

Around the Fair Hill Multicache is a pond were many turtles live. According to a sign at the pond, this huge female turtle is over 30 years old. Happy mother's day, turtle!

Here I am with the first cache of Ruined Chicken.

Around the first cache was an abandoned house (there are many in this area). This is the pic of the chimney in the house - there were also some old appliances in there.

Joanne found the second cache.

A little further down the trail, we searched for the Ampitheater cache. Joanne found it in the roots of this tree, on the top of a very steep hill.

On our way to the third cache, we found this memorial just over a concrete bridge. To the left of the cross is a note left to the deceased.

And the third cache...

On our way to the fourth cache of six, we started hearing frequent thunder coming towards us. The decision was made to hike back to the car. We've got to go back another time to finish it up. Our overall hike was about 6 miles.


Drea said...

It looks pretty there. I love the outdoors. As long as its not to hot :-)

Travis Fisher said...

The weather was awesome - 70's and sunny. This area is 5000 acres. The DuPont family used it for fox hunting.