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Dixie Bones Barbeque cooks in Richmond

The Dixie Bones team recently competed in Richmond after their appearance in Salisbury's Pork in the Park. Here's a great first hand account of what it's like being in a competition - I found it fascinating. They have a blog, too. Here's the link.

Here is the Richmond Recap!!!
Looking to put Salisbury in the rear view mirror, we loaded up and went down to Richmond for the Virginia National Backyard BBQ Championships. This event was an IBCA ( International Barbecue Cookers Association) sponsored event, with the representative being flown in from Texas to oversee the judging and organization of the event.
We arrived at about 11AM Friday morning to begin setting up, Our team was the first one onsite and pretty much had choice of where we wanted to be. It is always important to locate your power and water supply and try to set up close to it so hoses and extension cords don’t have to be run so far. We also wanted to be close to the stage, so all these factors worked in our favor.
In most cases so far myself and teammate Bill Brown usually go down early and set up our compound while the remainder of the team shows up later in the afternoon or early evening. Once this is complete about 2 hours or so, we get our meat inspected by the female IBCA representative. This is a requirement at every event, meat cold, not pre-seasoned in any way. This being done all the prep work can begin. On this trip we are cooking 3 pork butts, 2 briskets, 6 racks of ribs, and 6 chicken halves. You always start with the large cuts of meat due to the long cooking time. Butts and briskets are marinated, injected, seasoned, and wrapped for later. The ribs and chicken will go later tonight.
You must always think about taking care of your team, so for the Friday night dinner I cooked my guys NY strip steaks, corn on the cob, baked potatoes, all smothered with a chipotle-lime butter. We even invited the rep. to dine with us and answer some questions as this was a new event per say as for the rules and what was expected. Everyone eaten, grill up to temperature, the briskets and butts are put on to smoke for the night.
The great thing about these contests is the folks you meet and hang out with, the team names, and the stories people tell. The Texas Rib Rangers came all the way from Texas and invited a young man who is fighting cancer to join them for the weekend. He got to be an honorary member of a legendary team, cooked, prepped, served, turned in their entries, and then walked to the stage and picked up their trophies. Now the great part of this story is that the Rib Rangers have plenty of trophies and let this young man keep those trophies for himself to remember that he is and always will be a Rib Ranger.
We finished cooking on Saturday, sauced everything, prepped in the boxes, turned in and then began the agonizing wait to see how we did. We had real high hopes and were not disappointed when we got our first call ever to the stage, 6th in chicken!!!!! What a great feeling walking up to Mrs. Virginia and the Attorney General to receive our plaque and check. Now that would have made us all happy Q'ers but low and behold we got another call for 10th in pork, walked up and received trophy and check again. This helped us gain a 10th place overall finish in only our 3rd contest with escalating expectations for the next weekend in Chesapeake, VA. See you on the road!!!!
Scott Cocherell
Dixie Bones BBQ Team
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Hi Travis! I am the marketing director for Dixie Bones and I write the Barbeque Blog. Scott gives me the information and pictures to publish. I found your blog by using Technorati to find links to the Pork in the Park web site.

I will forward your message to Scott and post your comment. Thanks for reading the Barbeque Blog- it would be great it you could link back to us.

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Hey Scott.

Thanks for coming out to compete. I tried really hard to get a team together from the Salisbury JayCees, but didn't have enough interest. They say that if you're going to do something in life, you should do it as best you can - as a group we like to poor beer.

Each year this event gets bigger and better. I hope that you'll come out again.

How did you do in Richmond?

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