Sunday, April 23, 2006

Thursday night: Jar Flys at the 8x10 in Baltimore

Joanne and I took a little road trip to Balmer, Hon to go see Jar Flys. They are a band fronted by Jimi Haha of Jimi's Chicken Shack fame. These guys are more mello, with a heavy jam band influence. They still retain Jimi's sense of humor, making for an awesome show.

Some of you may be saying "I thought the 8x10 was sold and turned into the Funk Box!?!?" Well, that's right. But nobody knew where the Funk Box was, or just refused to call it anything but the 8x10, so the owners fixed their mistake. Luckily, the place still retained all of the awesome sound qualities when they upgraded the venue to call it Funk Box.

It was nice to see all of the old crew. Foxx, Joe, Straitz, Brian, Christian, and all the other friends that I haven't seen that often since making a life for myself in the 'bury.

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