Sunday, April 09, 2006

Insaniquarium - MSN Games - Free Online Games

I recently stumbled upon this fun game. You start with some fish in an aquarium. As you feed them, they poo (produce) coins, which give you money.

As you collect more money, you can buy things like more fish, better food, potion that makes your fish poo stars, this star catcher creatures that turn star poo into diamonds, and blasters.

Why do you need blasters? Because every once in a while, an alien enters the tank and you have to blow them up before they eat your fish or shoot them with missles.

Along the way, you'll meet friends who can help you out. In this screen shot, there's a snail and a jelly fish who collect coins. There is also a mermaid who sings, making your fish poo more stars and coins. Obviously, I set the tank up for maxmum fundage.

Put all of this crazy stuff together, and you get Insaniquarium! Try it's a lot of fun.

Insaniquarium - MSN Games - Free Online Games

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