Saturday, March 04, 2006

Where do you fall on the Political Compass?

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I came across this web site today. You answer some questions, and then it plots you on this graph. They also plot famous politicians from around the world and history to see where you compare.

The Left-Right axis is pretty self explanatory. Put communists and people like Saddam on the left, and Thatcher and Dubbya on the right.

The Authoritarian-Libertarian axis might be new to some. Absolute control by the state would be up top, and total anarchy goes on the bottom.

Who is closest to my spot on the graph? The Dalai Lama! The graph w. famous people may not be on the same scale as this screenshot, so it's hard to make a comparison other than we're in the same quadrant.

What does this placement say about me? I guess it boils down to this: I believe that the gubment should stay out of our business, and only step in when people are in need of help or commerce can't regulate itself in a manner that benefits the public as a whole.

Where do you rate?

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