Friday, March 10, 2006

Tonight we get some culture

Joanne and I are at the Country School in easton to see Seusical. It is a musical written by Eric Idle of Monty Python and some other people I've never heard of.

The kids did a great job on the musical. I especially liked the costumes, which brought to life many of Dr Seuss' best characters. The set consisted of some truffula trees, which had me hoping that the Lorax would take part. Unfortunately, the Lorax was missing. :-(

If you want to learn more about Seussical, I found this online quiz that tells you want kind of Seussical character you are. I am the Cat in the Hat, who Joanne dislikes because he is mischievious and gets others in trouble. A word of caution on the quiz, there are a lot of ads and popups. Make sure you have a popup blocker, or Firefox which is even better.

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