Wednesday, March 15, 2006

F i n a ' D r e a: Flavor Flav?

F i n a ' D r e a: Flavor Flav?

I ran across this blog post tonight and had to share it with you for a few reasons:

1) It involves Flavor Flav!

Remember him? He was a rapper for mega-influencial 90's hip hop group Public Enemy. Flavor was the skinny Chris Rock-ish guy who added the flavor or humor to PE's militant-black-islamic message. He wore a clock on his chest. Anybody who can pull that off is mega-cool.

2) It's written by a white, 22 year old mom. Her description of Flav is right on point, to the extent that it almost sounds absurd. It's good for a laugh.

3) It's a very nice looking blog. Mine looks like every other blogger site out there.

4) I think she's married to some guy named Travis. That rawks!

Read on and enjoy...


Drea said...

Hi Travis!
Wow that sounds weird haha. I only say that to my husband usually.
Hey you wrote about me on your blog. Thats so sweet :-)
Oh and just to clarify Travis I got some Flavor to you know. Im not full blooded white ;-) My Mom is full blooded Panamanian (from panama in central america, born and raised there for 23 years). haha! I am what black boys in school called "the burnt cracka" No seriously they did. They called all the white chicks "saltines" and ... well me "burnt" because I wasnt exactly white, yet not black. They did it in a loving way though not as an insult ;-)

Black girls hated me in high school.. mmm... not sure why.

Any how beside the point!
Thanks for visiting my blog. Below are a few links for you to "free blogger templates" They are pretty easy to use. let me know if you need any help.

Take care,

Template site 1:

Template site 2:
(this place has awesome templates, got to tweek with them a bit though because they are in a different language...)

Template site 3:

Template site 4:

The site I got my template off of is temporary offline... but just go to my blog and scroll to the bottom of the right side bar.. and you'll see a link to it.

See ya!

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