Sunday, March 05, 2006

Blogger Categories

I've been playing around with Blogger a bit to see what is available to make my blog a bit more unique. One feature of TypePad that I really liked was categories, which Blogger does not offer.

There are a few methods to give yourself categories. One of the more popular approaches is to use tags. That involved signing up for another service, etc. It was too much work.

Here is an easier method that I found:
1) Create an email address for your "master blog" so that you can post via email
2) Set up a new blog for each category
3) Tell blogger to send new posts to your email address
4) Create a rule that forwards posts created in your "sub blog" to your "master blog" post email address
5) Add links on your side bar to each of your "sub blogs"

If you think that these instructions were too complicated, here is the link where I found this tip. You'll notice the steps are the same as mine, but there are a lot more words. ;-)
Blogger Categories for everyone, by Oldcola

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