Monday, February 20, 2006

The Horned Melon

So the other day I was at the Easton Giant with Joanne, and we saw this really cool looking fruit. It wasn't clearly labled, so the intrigue was enticing.

We went through the checkout line, and after about 5 or so minutes to allow the cashier to figure out how to ring up the horned melon and $3.50 later, we were on our way.

Tonight we decided to give it a try. When you cut open the bright orange skin, you see bright green flesh. How cool does this look?

Despite its unusual look and very attractive inside, this has got to be the most disgusting exotic fruit ever sold in a grocery store. It's like a cross between gelatin, grass, and cucumber. Brown sugar makes it taste slightly better, but only because you are eating sugar, too.

What is the purpose of this fruit? Perhaps they want to sell 1 of these to everybody in the US. Then they'd be rich! Yeah...that's the plan...

If for some reason you want to learn more about this inedible fruit, check out these pages:

Cooking for Engineers contains a fairly scientific examination of the fruit. offers a description that makes me believe in deja vu!

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