Monday, January 09, 2006

The Big Green Egg

When I was down and out with Lyme Disease, I began to experiment with the art of smoking food. I liked to grill and had plenty of time, so what else was I to do? I dried basil and made chipotles from peppers growing in the garden. From there, I smoked a boston butt, a picnic, shark, and salmon. You get the point.

Expressing her satisfaction with my new hobby of creating tasty food, my love Joanne gifted me the World's Greatest Smoker, aka The Big Green Egg. I can't believe that I was so blessed!

Here I am, on Christmas morning, next to the BGE. I was tasked with smoking prime rib for the family.

Here is the prime rib, shortly after it entered the BGE. The seasoning you see on the outside is Pickling Spice. Press it onto the meat a day or two before you cook it. Grill at 300 degrees for about half an hour per pound. Pretty easy, huh?

Notice how the ceramic inside is pristine and white. The smoker is now well seasoned and completely black inside.

Here is the finished roast, about 5 hours later. rib!

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